Does Instacart Take EBT? - 2023 (2023)

Does Instacart Take EBT

Does Instacart Take EBT: Benefits from SNAP, previously called food stamps are granted through EBT which is an electronic transfer of benefits.

This has made access to SNAP benefits easier and more practical for millions of Americans as the popularity of online shopping expands the possibilities.

However, does Instacart accept EBT?Are you able to use your SNAP benefits to buy food items on Instacart and then have them delivered?If you’re interested in learning how to do this, read on!

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Does Instacart Take EBT In 2022?

Instacart will allow customers to use EBT Benefits from SNAP in a select amount of states, and with a small selection of retailers by 2022.Customers can connect their EBT details accounts on their Instacart accounts and then use them while shopping.EBT cannot be used with Instacart to pay for delivery charges or other fees. Nor is it able to be used for tips.

For more information on the states that support EBT payment through Instacart as well as how to connect credit card information to your Instacart account, as well as some tips for troubleshooting continue reading to discover everything you need!

In What States Does Instacart Take EBT?

Instacart accepts EBT SNAP payments across37 US stateswhich include (in an alphabetical fashion):

  1. Arizona
  2. Arkansas
  3. California
  4. Connecticut
  5. District of Columbia
  6. Delaware
  7. Florida
  8. Georgia
  9. Illinois
  10. Indiana
  11. Iowa
  12. Kansas
  13. Kentucky
  14. Maryland
  15. Massachusetts
  16. Michigan
  17. Minnesota
  18. Mississippi
  19. Missouri
  20. Nebraska
  21. New Hampshire
  22. New Jersey
  23. New York
  24. North Carolina
  25. North Dakota
  26. Ohio
  27. Oklahoma
  28. Pennsylvania
  29. Rhode Island
  30. South Carolina
  31. South Dakota
  32. Tennessee
  33. Texas
  34. Vermont
  35. Virginia
  36. West Virginia
  37. Wisconsin

If you reside in one of the states:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

It means you aren’t able to make use of your EBT benefits from SNAP on Instacart.

It’s important to remember also that not all retailers on Instacart have the ability to support EBT SNAP in all states.

For instance Price, Rite is a chain. Price Rite has locations up and down the eastern shoreline.

The states currently where you can utilize EBT SNAP to shop at Price Rite include Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Which Grocery Stores on Instacart Accept EBT?

Does Instacart Take EBT? - 2023 (2)

As I mentioned the fact that there’s a grocery store within your vicinity on Instacart does not necessarily mean it is able to accept EBT SNP automatically.

You’ll need to determine if they’re eligible to accept EBT within your particular state. You are able to do it here.

The list of grocery stores that accept EBT The following list of grocers accept SNAP:

  • Ahold Delhaize USA (Food Lion, Hannaford, Giant, GIANT Food Stores, Giant Heirloom Market, Martin’s, Stop & Shop)
  • Aldi
  • Brookshire’s Food & Pharmacy, Spring Market, Super 1 Foods, Fresh by Brookshire’s
  • Earth Fare
  • Fairplay Foods
  • Food Bazaar
  • Harps Food Store
  • Homeland, United Supermarkets, CashSaver, Food-World
  • Little Giant Farmers Market
  • Niemann Foods (County Market)
  • PAQ, Inc. (Food 4 Less, Rancho San Miguel Markets)
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Publix
  • Price Chopper Supermarkets (Price Chopper, Market 32, Market Bistro)
  • Price Rite
  • Save Mart, FoodMaxx, and Lucky Supermarkets
  • Schnucks and EatWell
  • Strack & Van Til, Van Til’s Supermarket, Town and Country
  • Tops Friendly Markets
  • Warehouse Market
  • Woodman’s Market

In addition, many retailers are restricted by the states that permit customers to make purchases using EBT SNAP to make purchases.

The supermarkets that offer the greatest coverage include Aldi, Publix, and Food Lion, but even these stores do not cover every state, or every single location within a state eligible for coverage.

How Do You Add an EBT Card to Instacart?

You can link your EBT credit card into your Instacart account in the same manner that you add every other form of payment.

Select the horizontal three bars that are located in the upper left corner of the application, and it will open your account’s “hub.”

Go to “Account Settings” and click on that. Then, select “Payment methods.”

Under Credit/Debit card and PayPal, you will be able to see the EBT SNAP option.Click “Add.”

Input your name as that appears on the credit card. Then, enter the number, then click “Save,” and you’re done!

You can also get access to EBT information about SNAP from your Account Settings Menu.

You can also add your card here exactly the same way as you would with a credit card, and adjust the toggle to ensure that the app will show you the items that are SNAP-eligible.

How Do You Use Your EBT Card on Instacart?

It’s your decision to decide if you’d like to alter the settings of your account (the method described in the previous paragraph) to see if the items are SNAP-eligible. However, it’s an extremely useful feature.

Quick summary: You have access to it through your Account Settings In the section called “Account Hub” which pops up after you tap the three horizontal lines that are located in the upper left-hand corner of the Instacart application.

If you’re unsure which retailer supports EBT SNAP in the state you live in,check this page here.

When you’ve picked a shop you can begin shopping. after you’re finished, go to the checkout.

After that, be sure EBT is selected as one of the options for payment.

When you make your purchase You can view the breakdown of prices that shows the amount your SNAP-eligible products are and what the items that are not SNAP-eligible do.

Be aware that you’ll need an alternative form of payment in order for any items that are not SNAP eligible.

Also, SNAP cannot be used to pay for a delivery, the fees charged by Instacart, or even the driver’s gratuity.

After you have finished shopping, Instacart will ask you to confirm your purchase by using your EBT PIN for extra assurance.

Does Instacart Accept EBT Cash?

Instacart does not allow EBT in cash as a means of payment for food or other costs that are associated with the application.

A different type of payment is required to be available to cover fees for delivery and driver tips.

Why Won’t Your EBT Card Work on Instacart?

There are several reasons why your EBT SNAP card may not work on Instacart.

If you haven’t modified your settings to display the items that are eligible for EBT You may not know that the retailer you chose isn’t able to handle EBT transactions on the internet.

Another reason is that you didn’t include an alternative payment method.

Even if all of your purchases are eligible for EBT and you’re making the pickup, Instacart still has a couple of fees that you have to pay.

In the end, you should know that the EBT card might be empty, so make sure you check your balance to ensure.

To find out more to learn more, read our blog posts regarding Instacart gift cards, Instacart waitlist as well as is Instacart legitimate.


Instacart has made shopping for groceries much simpler and more comfortable for EBT SNAP beneficiaries who are in need of nutritious food has always been an issue.

Although not every state within the U.S. permits recipients access to EBT purchases on the internet 37 of them (including that of the District of Columbia) do and Aldi is among the most accessible places to shop at. then visit my

Does Instacart Take EBT? - 2023 (3)


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Does Instacart Take EBT? - 2023? ›

Yes. The grocery delivery service accepts EBT payments under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. You can use your SNAP benefits to purchase EBT-eligible items using the Instacart grocery delivery and pickup platform.

Where can I pay with EBT fast food? ›

22 EBT-Friendly National Fast-Food Restaurants Accepting SNAP
  • Burger King.
  • Dairy Queen.
  • McDonald's.
  • Jack in the Box.
  • Pizza Hut.
  • Subway.
  • Popeye's.
  • Taco Bell.
Mar 1, 2023

What stores accept EBT online in California? ›

Why can I only use my EBT card online at Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Walmart and Amazon? A. Currently, Albertsons, Amazon, Safeway, Vons, and Walmart are the only retailers that accept EBT cards online in California.

Does Instacart take EBT in California? ›

Currently, customers with a valid EBT SNAP card in all states except Alaska can use their SNAP funds on Instacart at participating retailers.

Can you use EBT on Instacart Reddit? ›

“To successfully use your EBT card, a credit or debit card must also be linked to your Instacart account to cover fees, bottle deposits in some states, taxes, delivery tips, and any other non-EBT SNAP-eligible items you may want to purchase”.

Can you buy hot food with EBT in California? ›

California's Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) allows eligible homeless, elderly, and/or disabled EBT cardholders receiving CalFresh benefits to purchase hot prepared foods at participating restaurants using their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards.

Does Taco Bell take EBT in California? ›

Taco Bell takes EBT at seven locations across Arizona and California.

What stores in California accept EBT on Instacart? ›

You can also use your EBT card to make purchases online at both Aldi and Save Mart stores (FoodMaxx and Lucky Supermarkets) through Instacart. If you get CalFresh food benefits, you can find out more about how to purchase food online with your EBT card at: Aldi and Save Mart through Instacart, Amazon, and Walmart.

What can't you buy with EBT in California? ›

CalFresh can be used to purchase any food EXCEPT heated foods. Non food items like tobacco, alcohol, pet food, and toiletries are not able to be purchased with CalFresh.

Can you use California EBT at Trader Joe's? ›

How do I use the CalFresh card? It works just like any other debit card. You can use it at most major grocery stores like Trader Joe's and to order groceries online from your favorite places like

Can CalFresh be used on Instacart? ›

CalFresh recipients can use their EBT card to purchase groceries online at Albertsons, Aldi via Instacart, Amazon, Safeway, Vons, and Walmart.

What can I buy with EBT California? ›

What you can buy with CalFresh benefits
  • Any food for human consumption except hot food (but remember, there is also an exception for authorized hot meal programs and approved restaurant meals programs). ...
  • Seeds and plants to grow food for yourself or your family. ...
  • Military commissary surcharges.

How does Instacart shopper pay work in California? ›

How much does Instacart Shoppers in California pay? Average Instacart Shoppers hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.00 per hour for Independent Contractor to $16.49 per hour for Store Shopper.

Can Instacart shoppers see EBT? ›

If you don't see EBT SNAP as an option for your local participating store, make sure you have the latest version of the Instacart app. If you still can't see EBT SNAP, check back often as we continue to expand to more stores. You'll notice there is a payment breakdown on the Place Order page.

Can Instacart shoppers see how you paid? ›

Instacart customers do not see our pay.

How can I contact Instacart by phone? ›

Can you use EBT at McDonald's in Michigan? ›

Even in the states that participate in the restaurant meals program, you'll only find a few SNAP-approved fast-food restaurants that take EBT cards. For example, McDonald's doesn't take EBT cards in Rhode Island, Illinois, Michigan, and Maryland.

Can you use food stamps at restaurants in Illinois? ›

The Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) allows eligible SNAP customers to purchase prepared meals at authorized restaurants. This program is available to SNAP customers who are homeless, elderly and/or disabled.

Where can I pay with EBT fast food Texas? ›

Fast food restaurants in Texas currently do not accept EBT cards as payment for meals. To receive EBT-eligible meals at restaurants, your state must participate in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Restaurant Meals Program (RMP). There are only seven states in the program, and Texas isn't one of them.

Does Popeyes accept EBT in California? ›

15. Popeyes. Arizona and California, along with a few cities and counties in Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Virginia, allow you to pay for your Popeyes order with EBT.


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